Advanced Techniques

There are infinite ways to install and play with your TMT, check out some of these advanced techniques to hone your pocket

Wrapped LEather

This advanced leather technique is our preferred leather attachment. It allows for a more full stick pocket with a lower carrying pocket.

Tied Leather

This tie off technique is very minimal but can reduce consitency and add to your maitence. Girls lacrosse players should give this a try!

Knotted Sidewall

This sidewall style is a slight variation on the classic suggested sidewall. These knots will provide a tighter top string that will improve conistency over time!

Grain Bag SidewalL

This sidewall is one of the coolest styles you can do. It lets the pocket break in and feel deeper while also making the pocket feel more narrow. Give this sidewall a try before you trim your strings!

TMT Floating Sidewall

The floating sidewall is one of the most interesting techniques availiable to leather users. It provides amazing shift and feel but can be hard to get a smooth no whip release. Our knotted texhnique prevents too much slippage and provides conistency.