Learn how to install your pocket in beautiful 4k

Follow along with the creator of TMT as he shares expert techniques to get the perfect Traditional

Top String

The Top String is extremely important foundation to your pocket. By following these steps you should have a tight and symmetrical way to attach your leathers to the scoop.

Anchor Leathers

This step shows a basic way to feed your leathers through the bottom holes. This step will make the sidewalls much easier.


Sidewalls on a TMT pocket are easier than mesh! By removing the sidewall runner then re-installing it you will have a great performing pocket. Check out this simple technique that works for all pockets.

Tying Off Leathers

Learn how to properly tie off your lacrosse leathers. Proper tie-offs are absolutely necessary for pocket shape, performance and break in.

Shooting Strings

Shooting Strings got their name when all players had leather pockets. They were the necessary lace to get the ball out on shots and to effect the release and feel of the pocket.

Trimming the Pocket

Put the finishing touches on your TMT pocket by following these simple steps!

Break In

Learn our suggested method of beginning the break in and maitenance of your new traditional pocket!