Single String Basics

Single String Basics


Great traditional pockets at an even better price. We chose 4 pockets that we love to string with a single string and no saddle. This makes the process faster and simpler so we pass the savings on to you. 2 Diamond sizes and 2 colors to choose from add one to your cart!


  • TMT Pocket
  • Sidewalls & Topstring
  • 2 Cotton Shooting Strings
  • 1 StringKing Shooting Cord


  • Classic
  • Pita
  • Trad X
  • Single Twist

Diamond Sizes:

  • 6 (Large)
  • 7 (Medium)


  • White
  • Black
Pocket Style:
Diamond Size:
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Classic Pockets

These pockets have stood the test of time. Constructed with an asymmetrical pattern they are quick to break in and stay consistent. A 6 Diamond will feel like a soft mesh where the 8 Diamond option is more like a hard mesh. We suggest this pocket for all positions and styles!

Pita Pockets

The first modern evolution to the Classic traditional, the Pita Pocket is another long time favorite. Characterized by its symmetrical center twists and narrow leathers the Pita offers stability and less diamond shifting. Add a saddle to slightly reduce diamond size and moving the pocket placement up a bit.

Traditional X Pockets

Trad X pockets may seem similar to our other symmetrical styles but the X makes a key performance difference. Although its symmetrical it most similarly resembles a Classic pocket. The center leather although strung narrow the unengaged X’s allow for maximum hold. Can have more diamond shifting problem then its Single Twist Cousin.

Single Twist Pita Pockets

What makes a Single Twist Pita different than a regular Pita Pocket? The Single twists obviously! Regardless of Diamond size the STP will have a single Twist down the center track. This allows for the leathers to spread more around the ball and drastically increases hold. Perfect for Long Poles and LSM’s.