Perfromance meets Price

We have taken the guess work out of ordering A Traditional pocket. quality leathers, matching color strings and performance shooters make TMT Pockets perfect.


The leathers are the foundation of the Traditional Pocket. The vertical runners create a performance uncomparable to mesh.

JIma Lax


There are a few leather colors that perfrom above the rest. They are consistent and can be sourced at an excellent price through our partnership with Jima Lax. The White and Black options are available standard in our Single String Basics option at an affordable $29.99. We also source Carolina Blue from Jima due to popular demand.

LEFT TO RIGHT: White, Black, Carolina Blue

Gopher Lax

Gopher Leathers-01.png

As traditional pockets entered the modern era the use of multiple colors became more popular. Most of these colored leathers barely resembled the original brown and white in feel or performance. Well Gopher Lax fixed all that by sourcing the highest quality colored leathers that feel amazing! They are worth the extra cost for some custom goodness.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Grey, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue

Lax ROom

Alum Tan.png

Pushing the limits even further some companies have endeavored into creating higher preformance leathers. Lax Room is one such company. Focused mainly on helping lacrosse ideas come to life The Lax Room has developed some excellent products. Our favorite is the Alum Tan leather which offers a stiff yet durable feel. They soften up and last forever!

Lax Room Alum Tanned


The cross lace connects to Leathers with their specific interlocking weave pattern. This creates the original lacrosse net that inspired modern mesh.



Jima Lax offers the widest array of colored Crosslace. Perfectly matching their sidewall colors for the perfect look.

LEFT TO RIGHT: White, Black, Silver, Vegas Gold, Red, Orange, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue
Carolina Blue,  Maroon, Purple, Pink, Neon Pink, Zebra Pinstripe, USA

Sidewalls & Topstring


Jima Lax also creates high quality sidewall. It matches the crosslace color and we cut it by the foot. We also offer Thick Lace options for Top Strings.

LEFT TO RIGHT: White, Black, Silver, Vegas Gold, Red, Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Carolina Blue, Pink, Purple, Thick White, Thick Black, Thick Red, Thick Yellow,  Neon Green, Thick Royal Blue, Thick Navy Blue, Bootlace

Premium Crosslace


Although colored strings are awesome they sometimes have consitency issues. The outer sheath and can bunch up. Lax Room created a high preformance lace we offer at the same price as regular in Custom Pockets! Just choose Lax Room Platinum Lace!

Platinum Crosslace


Shooting strings got their name when their was only leather pockets. They were the laces used by players to get the ball out of the pocket when shooting hard!




The traditional pocket looks the best with pure white cotton shooters. They also perform the best! We cut each shooting string off of a master roll from Jima Lax to save you money. Single String Basics recieve 2 shooters and Custom Pocket will recieve 3.



For most player preferred release Stirng King no stretch shooting cords will provide the smooth feel. Used at the top of the pocket they make the ball come off silky smooth and consistent. Single String Basics recieve 1 Cord and Custom Pocket will recieve 3.