Womens Pockets has never been easier

Follow along with these simple steps for a perfect pocket every single time

Top String

This tutorial is a little introduction on how to unpack age your TMT pocket and install the top string. The Top String is the foundation of your pocket and s...

Pre-Sidewall Steps

These steps are Pro techniques to help make your TMT sidewall installation as smooth as possible. By taking these steps you will anchor your bottom of your pocket to your head making the sidewall install go easily and straight forward.


The next important step in any TMT installation is properly and legally installing your sidewalls. This video shows how to remove your sidewall runner and reapply it interlocked to the sidewall.


Properly tying off all your strings is a necessary step in the Ten Minute Traditional installation process. This ensures that all of your strings stay tight and your pocket does not alter while playing.

Shooting Strings

This tutorial shows the ideal way to install your shooting strings into your TMT pocket. Most shooter set ups include a straight shooting string and a curved U. We show how to do both legally in this video.

Finishing Touches

Cutting and burning strings is extremely important in trimming your installation strings to ensure legality and make your stick look perfect! This tutorial as info ration of how and where to properly cut strings!